Racing Simulator Rig

The rig needed for your setup now and in the future. The 80/20 racing simulator kit is designed with highly modular t-slotted aluminum profiles with the ability to adjust, expand and modify based on the needs and available space.

Customization for your setup

The 80/20 simulator rig kit comes ready to build with all the parts and assembly tools included, making it easy to assemble in a short time. Customization for simulator components was a leading focus in the design of the 80/20 rig so the frame was designed to be adjustable to fit a vast majority of seats, foot pedal, and steering wheel configurations.

Further, Support Your Rig

Along with the rig kit, optional add-on components can be purchased separately to further support the build-out of your simulator setup. Integrate your television or monitor directly onto the rig with the optional monitor stand. Access your PC setup with an add-on keyboard arm that quickly swings within reach.

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Adjustable Seat

Loosen and reposition the seat exactly where needed

Steering Wheel Mount

Adjust the height, depth, and tilt for the perfect position

Monitor Stand

Take it off the wall and make the screen part of the rig

Easy access

Quick access to your PC with an add-on component that swings right into reach.