Lean thinking is an instrumental mindset for saving time and money. The best method of achieving a lean process is by creating custom systems that fit your operations. The natural modularity of T-slot profiles and products provides the framework you require for custom, lean workstations.

Lean Solutions

Well-executed lean initiatives can improve lead times and cut quality costs by half, increase productivity by as much as 30%, and reduce inventories by up to 50%. Custom workstations are a way to assist with your lean strategy; they put the required materials and resources at the operator’s fingertips. Lean workstations are strategically designed to create a space optimized for minimal wasted motion and effort.

Station Customization

With 80/20 you’ll have access to a wide range of products for the best workstation to accommodate your specific application. Integrate bins for storage and organization or add pivot joints to mount adjustable computer monitors! Create a workstation that can easily mount motorized lifts to support ergonomic initiatives. The T-slot allows you to create a pressure manifold, so a single hose can pressurize an entire frame.

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Ergonomic and Efficient

80/20 products make it easy to build custom workstations to fit your specific needs; the T-slot aluminum system provides durability and strength, flexibility to make adjustments, and modularity for reconfiguration or expansion. We have technicians that will work with you to design your space with a focus on safety, ergonomics, and efficiency. Get all the details with your Workstations Info Pack.

Did you know that the most common wasted motion is reaching?


Make it Mobile

The capacity to add mobility to your workstation supports your complete material handling process flow. Take your station with you – move it through your facility and lock it into place, or wheel it to and from conveyor lines, when and where it’s needed. With 80/20 you can choose from casters that optimize your operations.


Get it Grounded

Did you know that aluminum acts as a conductor, meaning workstations built with 80/20 profiles can be grounded to channel an electrical current? This is important for electronics assembly, repairs, production, and testing where static electricity will have a negative impact. Use aluminum profiles and our ESD panel to ground the charge and dissipate static.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5 Manifolds Allow Pressurized Frames
  • 5Manifolds Allow Pressurized Frames
  • 5T-slot Creates Reconfigurable Work Spaces
  • 5Storage Bins Enhance Organization
  • 5Locking Casters are Oil-Resistant
  • 5Pivot Joints for Adjustable Monitors
  • 5Center Cavity Allows Pressurization