T-slot aluminum profiles are used in a wide array of applications and projects within the automation world, and this isn’t by coincidence. Automation has been achieved through a variety of means such as robotic, hydraulic, and pneumatic solutions. Profile systems provide both the structure and rigidity for your large machine bases, mechanical arms, fixtures, and guarding equipment as well as the precision needed for jigs, sensors, safety components, or computer system mounts.

T-slot Provides Flexibility

80/20 products provide flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to make quick and easy changes today, as well as any future modifications or retrofits. This adjustability also aids ergonomic initiatives, providing solutions tailored to your processes and personnel. Connections are strong and vibration resistant, leading to material longevity and less down time.

Increased Efficiency

Unlike other alternatives, such as prefabricated or steel assemblies, T-slot profiles provide the customization and longevity you need to save resources and create efficiencies. The T-slot channel houses wires and cables, creating a safe and integrated process for running power and pneumatics to your equipment and workstations.

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Wide Product Offering

Whether it’s linear brakes that allow infinite adjustability and positioning, double-keyed pads that provide motion on both sides of your bearing, stanchions that enable customized angles and precise placement of mounted components, or a panel designed to fit your specific guard and access point, 80/20 has the widest range of products available to ensure lean automation solutions.

Research shows that an automation system designed with lean in mind can save up to 30% of floor space!


Consistent Quality Product

We know you need more than parts and pieces. Consistent quality is imperative to your business. We make sure that’s exactly what you get with each and every order. For additional information regarding our specific processes that ensure you receive your shipment fast and exactly as you ordered it – clean, blemish-free, and accurate – visit our Peace of Mind statement.


Free Design Software

Automation solutions require precise preplanning. We offer AutoQuoterX II™, a free AutoCAD® plug-in, to help you save time and optimize your design. It features built-in rules to help prevent mistakes and a user-friendly interface to streamline the process. 80/20 also has a long-standing partnership with 3D ContentCentral® and offers a PARTSolutions® CAD library accessible directly from our website. Visit Helpful Tools for additional details.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5Conveyor Systems
  • 5 End-of-Arm Tooling
  • 5Machine Frames
  • 5Robotic Arms
  • 5Work Cells
  • 5Mechanical Arms
  • 5 Fixtures
  • 5Computer System Mounts