The maintenance, repair and operations industry is challenged with implementing resourceful and innovative processes and equipment to improve the productivity and efficiency of facilities and operations. At the same time, the constantly changing environment of commerce and manufacturing means you need to be able to adapt and respond quickly.

Reduce Your Downtime

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles and parts provide a modular option, enabling fast adjustments, preventative maintenance, and straightforward repairs. This speeds up changeover and reduces downtime. In instances where you need to retrofit machines due to regulation or process changes, 80/20 is easily integrated into your current equipment.

Customized Approach

Because your equipment, processes, and employees are unique, you need custom solutions. 80/20 products provide exactly that; from repair benches to height-adjustable workstations, maintenance carts, or testing equipment frames, you decide exactly what you need to fit your resources and workforce.

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Your Machine Shop


We know that not every MRO solution is a large-scale fixture. When you need to add a single connection point, structural reinforcement, or wire and cable management, we have the products to support it. Our in-house machine shop provides exactly what you need, whether that’s a few parts and pieces, fully machined profiles, or an entirely assembled workstation.

Facilities management is one of the most rapidly growing industries, with expected growth to reach over $394.69 billion in the next few years.


Low-Maintenance Solution

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles have an anodize finish; they don’t require sanding and staining upfront or down the road. The anodize provides a protective barrier that resists oxidation and rust, while also adding a modern and aesthetic appearance. Assembly is straightforward and connections are strong, secure, and vibration resistant, without the cumbersome processes and skilled labor involved in welding.


One-Stop Shop

Working with a large number of suppliers and vendors commonly increases duplicate tasks and creates wasted time and resources. With 80/20, you have access to a wide variety of T-slot profiles and parts as well as a full-range of in-house services that complement our product offering and simplify your processes.


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Solution Possibilities

  • 5Generator Frames
  • 5Guarding
  • 5Maintenance Carts
  • 5Add-on Internal Structures
  • 5Safety Rails
  • 5Repair Benches
  • 5Testing Equipment Frames
  • 5Worn Supports Replacements