Robotics technology is used extensively to provide a competitive edge in industries of manufacturing and automation. The integration of robotic components is essential for increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, improved safety, and reduced lead times. The 80/20 T-slot system provides custom solutions for each of these areas.

The 80/20 Advantage

80/20 products are often implemented in robotic applications, such as automation, framing, material handling, and safety solutions. Its modularity, as well as strong, durable, yet lightweight nature, lends its versatility to industrial robots and robotic automation systems. Whether it is framing for robotic components, custom enclosures, end-of-arm tooling support, or vision-guided system framing, 80/20 can be used to support many unique robotic solutions.

One-Stop Solution

Your robotic mounting structure can face inherent challenges, including rapid and consistent movement, integrating components such as controls, safety features, power feeds, and protection for your workforce. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles allow you to achieve these objectives with one cohesive solution.

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Withstands Your Environment

Robotic applications must withstand the high impact and heavy vibrations of constant use. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles stand up to these challenges where other framing options fail. The “2-degree drop-lock” is a unique 80/20 design that combats high stress and creates a vibration-resistant connection when engaged.

As robots become increasingly common in the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are updated continuously to keep pace. 80/20 products are an adaptive and dependable solution to the ever-changing needs of robotic applications. The anodized aluminum is resistant to hydraulic fluids and harsh cleaning chemicals and provides strength comparable to carbon steel.

Did You Know?

Implementing robots to facilitate or substitute manual tasks can result in a 26% increase in revenue per employee.


Optimize Your Workflow

Robotic applications eliminate sources of injury, replacing them with efficiencies and enhanced productivity. Solutions made with 80/20’s T-slot aluminum system perform this repetitive work seamlessly, providing not only the rigidity needed for the base structure but also the precision required to support automation and manufacturing industries.


Mount Multiple Components

Open T-slots allow you to mount components such as motors, sensors, and measuring systems directly to your frame. You can also decide to add and reposition accessories with ease as your application needs change. Redirect wires, power supplies, tubes, and cables within the T-slot channel or above the profile surface with wire management components for clean and efficient function. The use of barriers, guards, or enclosures can also protect your robotic investment and eliminate potential application dangers.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5Framing for Robotic Components
  • 5Custom Enclosures
  • 5 End of Arm Tooling Support
  • 5Actuators
  • 5Vision Guided System Framing
  • 5Safety Guards
  • 5FIRST Robotics Projects
  • 5 Autonomous Vehicle Structures