Industries such as automotive, robotics and automation depend on pneumatic power every day. The nature of the equipment and repetitive processes require strong, durable solutions that lend themselves to lean solutions in a highly competitive marketplace. T-slot aluminum profiles offer a resilient framing system that provide flexibility to make quick adjustments.

Modularity Made Easy

80/20 T-slot aluminum framing offers durability and strength comparableSafety & Guarding to steel, but without the corrosive properties and heavy assembly and maintenance costs. Consider the automotive industry’s switch from heavy steel frames to lightweight and strong aluminum. Aluminum offers a faster, safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Our unique two-degree drop-lock feature provides connections that are strong and vibration resistant.

Profiles for Your Processes

With 80/20 you have access to a wide range of profiles, including both fractional (imperial) and metric options. With light and heavy-duty varieties, combinations of closed and open T-slots, Ready Tube® and Quick Frame®, radius and angled, black anodize and yellow powder coat, or smooth and align-a-grooves, you’re sure to find the exact profile to fit your design.

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Stand up to Your Environment

Pneumatic components must withstand the high impact and heavy vibrations of constant use. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles stand up to these challenges where other framing options fail. The “2-degree drop-lock” is a unique 80/20 design that combats high stress and vibrations. When engaged, the drop-lock creates a vibration-resistant connection. The anodized aluminum is resistant to hydraulic fluids and harsh cleaning chemicals and provides strength comparable to carbon steel.

Fun Fact: Disney World has an underground pneumatic tube system! It uses compressed air to propel waste at 60 miles per hour to a central collection point.

Integrated Wire Management

Wires, power supplies, tubes, and cables work with the profile – they can be recessed within the T-slot channel or mounted on the profile surface utilizing wire management components for easy access, improving organization and safety, as well as providing a cleaner-looking application.

Precision with Positioning

Instead of modifying your equipment to fit a standardized frame, simply mount components wherever you need directly along the profile. The T-slot channel also allows you to mount and modify these accessories and fixtures along any axis – get the precise angles and placement your processes require.

Reduced Downtime

T-slot channels enable simple maintenance with little downtime and easy replacement of motors, gauges, or vacuum systems that wear over repeated use. 80/20 offers a variety of pressure manifold feed and access plates as well as linear motion bearings and components to augment your pneumatic solution. From an air brake system to a compressed-air engine, use 80/20 for your customized project.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5Custom Air Break Systems
  • 5Load Arms
  • 5 End of Arm Tooling
  • 5 Safety Guards
  • 5Material Handling Carts
  • 5Workstations
  • 5Testing Equipment
  • 5Machine Frames