Industrial Manufacturing

From cycle time to throughput to changeover metrics, there’s no end to the daily concerns and issues that you deal with in an industrial marketplace. You’re tasked with continually improving key metrics as well as complying with evolving regulations, which means change is the only constant.

Flexible Solutions

You need solutions that create efficiencies and reduce waste. 80/20 T-slot aluminum products allow you to “right-size” or scale your processes to conform to your workload as well as implement change quickly. This focus on lean solutions leads to a minimal footprint; you’ll recognize less downtime, increased productivity, and better use of valuable floor space.

Total Cost of Ownership

80/20 products are comparable in strength to steel and are aesthetically appealing; they don’t peel, chip, fade, or rust. You won’t spend unnecessary time maintaining projects that are built with 80/20; it’s easy to clean with closed-sided options available to prohibit dust and debris build-up. All with a decreased total cost of ownership compared to options such as steel or prefabricated units.

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Avoid Hidden Costs

Alternatives have high hidden and long-term costs. Steel requires a very skilled labor force and does not accommodate change. It requires a lot of maintenance and runs the risk of losing structural integrity with modification or repairs. 80/20 T-slot profiles are easy to assemble, reusable, and inherently modular


Completely Customizable

Prefabricated options are cookie-cutter and not tailored to your process. They are not as sturdy, dependable, or as strong as 80/20 custom options. They don’t last as long, can’t be reused, and aren’t reconfigurable. Most often something off-the-shelf can’t be integrated into your existing application.


The 80/20 Advantage

Time and time again, 80/20 gets the call to come out and replace shoddy prefabricated or steel products with our modern, adaptable, and strong profiles, panels, and parts. Don’t waste your time and your money; talk to a design technician today about your 80/20 industrial manufacturing solution.

BOOM! Manufacturers have experienced tremendous growth over the past few decades, as they become leaner and globally competitive. Output per hour for all workers in the manufacturing sector has increased by more than 2.5 times since 1987.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5Machine Frames
  • 5Guarding
  • 5Collaborative Robot Bases
  • 5Ergonomic Workstations
  • 5Automation Equipment
  • 5Kanban Material Handling
  • 5Custom Enclosures
  • 5Much More!