You're in business to do what you do best and 80/20 Builds assembly service gives you more time to complete those activities. We'll take your project from the design stage all the way through completion, including the actual assembly.

A Service That Saves Time and Money



The 80/20 Builds service was created to help you increase your productivity. We have a team comprised of dedicated and experienced technicians that optimise designs, build projects and ship them safely and damage-free. Our tools and resources ensure precise assembly to your exact specifications.



It stands to reason that, on average, we can assemble your project in about a quarter of the time it takes someone who doesn’t build with 80/20 day in and day out. Consider all the other projects and tasks that can be done in that time!


1hr 80/20
Builder Time


4 Hrs
Your Time

Quality Start to Finish

Beginning with the quoting stage, where 80/20 Design Technicians review your project and ensure accuracy, through the delivery to your doorstep, we have prescribed standards and policies in place to make sure your project reaches you just as you imagined.

Our assembly services provide additional hands-on opportunities to make sure the design and integration of your project is flawless. We’ll communicate any discrepancies or opportunities for optimisation that might arise along the way. What’s more, you only pay for the quoted amount, even if it takes us more time than anticipated to complete your project.

Custom Shipped to Your Door

Your items are separated for packing to prevent scratches and dents. While other companies simply secure the frame to a pallet, this often results in damage while the shipment is in transit. We take that extra step; the 80/20 Builds team creates a solid structure around the entire frame.

Little things can make a big difference; our attention to detail means we make sure each package is properly labeled with delivery information and any special handling instructions for the shipping carrier. Our preferred freight providers are all reputable and committed to quality and timely delivery. If you have your own shipping provider, we will work with you to accommodate.


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