Designing and planning interiors and exteriors requires solutions that can be redesigned, adapted, and modified to accommodate change as well as provide a sustainable and reusable option that cuts waste. Because 80/20 does all of this, it is becoming a popular option in facilities solutions.

Built to Last

80/20 is an eye-catching, lightweight yet strong and durable, modern product that provides unlimited design possibilities and a completely customized solution. What’s more, T-slot profiles are modular and easily reconfigured; this allows you to test and try a variety of options and scenarios without having to start from scratch.

Low Maintenance

T-slot aluminum profiles are a finished product that arrives cut, machined, and ready to use; save the time, resources, hassle, and cost associated with staining, sanding, or cutting unfinished materials such as steel and wood. Aluminum also withstands outdoor elements without additional additives and doesn’t require touchups down the road.

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Made for Convenience


80/20 profiles have inherent features that aid architectural solutions. For example, LED lights or sound-absorbing materials can be positioned directly in the T-slot channel. Profiles act as a natural heat sink for electronics or mechanical devices, without the need for added equipment. 80/20 T-slot profiles are an aesthetic, reconfigurable product that makes it fast and simple to attach, remove, and reposition materials.

On average, every 4 dollars per square foot of green building investment can save $58 dollars per square foot, over 20 years.


Straightforward Assembly

80/20 T-slot profiles and parts are simple and easy to put together; they don’t require skilled labor and can be built on location. This means you’ll experience reduced transportation, fabrication, and labor costs. 80/20 provides a wide range of standard machining services to tight tolerances so that your profiles and parts are ready for assembly upon arrival. You can build your application exactly where and when you’re ready.

Create Original Designs

80/20 provides a wide array of panel and mesh materials, sizes, thicknesses, and colors in stock so you can design your fixture or display to be attractive, functional, and aesthetic. You’ll find that our in-house capabilities, such as our Panel Shop, means you can avoid the headaches and associated costs of dealing with multiple vendors while getting your custom product fast and to the highest level of quality.

Solution Possibilities

  • 5Aesthetic Fixtures
  • 5Lighting Rigs
  • 5Ceiling Frames
  • 5Decorative Partitions
  • 5Handrails
  • 5Indoor and Outdoor Signs
  • 5Display Cases
  • 5Artwork Framing
  • 5Furniture
  • 5Mobile Structures